Habitat Mapping Systems

Pty Ltd

We develop and hire out small remotely or autonomously operated vessels, that can be used to map shallow water habitats.


These vessels are built in Australia and are designed to be highly configurable to meet your survey requirements.




Let's see what's down there...

Why use a USV...



Removing the crew from the research vessel and enabling them to operate the vessel from shore in a suitable environment that protects them from the extreme elements found in the remote areas of Australia. Greatly reduces the risk of injury or death caused by fatigue, exposure to the elements and hazardous marine animals.



Most shallow water habitat surveys can be carried out by small Unmanned Surface Vessels. USV’s are able to deploy the same type of equipment that small manned vessels carry without the need for a crew and associated accommodation, safety equipment and deck space, thus greatly reducing the size of the vessel required to conduct the surveys. This enables the USV to be battery powered with the power supplemented by solar or generator where an extended duration is required. This greatly reduces costs involved in operation, logistics and maintenance.



The USV’s are battery powered and can have supplementary power sources such as solar or a small generator. Where a generator is used for extended operations the amount of fuel consumed is only a fraction of what would be used by a manned survey vessel.


Accurate positioning:

As the navigation of the USV is computer controlled, the USV is capable of being positioned accurately using DGPS navigation systems, transects can be repeated with high accuracy.


Able to operate in very shallow waters:

As the USV typically has a very shallow draft that can be only centimetres, very shallow, dangerous and difficult locations can be easily surveyed without risking the crew’s wellbeing.


Reduced fatigue:

The crew of the USV can operate from land based facilities such as a vehicle, tent or air conditioned containers. Reducing their exposure to the elements also reduces fatigue that can greatly increase the chance of errors that can reduce the quality of the survey and endanger the crew.


Easy to transport and setup:

Relocating a suitable vessel to the survey site can be a complex and expensive operation especially in some of the remote waters around Australia. A USV can be shipped easily by road or air and easily assembled at a suitable site near the survey area. Where the survey area is threatened by cyclones or server weather conditions, the USV can be quickly removed from the water and placed in a safe location or relocated quickly until conditions are safe to operate, where a manned vessel would most likely be required to relocate by sea which can be a dangerous and expensive operation.